(“All The Colors Of The Dark”)
Production: Italy, 1972
Director: Sergio Martino
Category: Giallo/Horror
A bizarre, trippy giallo, set in London and infested with elements of sex, Satanism and psychedelia, filled with hallucinatory sequences as well as bloody murders and ample female nudity. The film opens with grotesque, surrealistic dream-horrors from a haunted playroom, as we learn that Jane (Edwige Fenech) was traumatised at the age of five when she saw her mother hacked to death by a maniac with piercing blue eyes. Now frigid as a result, Jane seeks a cure from her nightmares by consulting a psychiatrist recommended by her sister, Barbara, but is also attracted to a mysterious new neighbour, Mary, who takes her to a country castle where she is initiated into a weird, black magic sex cult (a dog is sacrificed) whose members carry a distinctive tattoo. Here she meets a man with blue eyes who has been stalking her, as well as the cult leader, later described by police as a “regular” at the country’s high-security mental asylums. In the film’s stand-out scenes, set to progressive rock and sitar music and marked by kaleidoscopic visual effects, we see Jane stripped naked and engaging in sex with all the members of the occult sect after being drugged with tainted dog’s blood. This happens twice in the course of the film, and after the second time – in which Jane is induced to murder Mary with a knife – the hallucinations and nightmares double, leading to a fevered climax of revelations, killings and retribution. Also known as Day Of The Maniac.

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