High resolution film still.

Production: USA, 1971
Director: Al Adamson
Category: Horror/Science Fiction

Production: USA, 1959
Director: Roger Corman
Category: Science Fiction
Probably produced by Corman to cash in on the then-recent success of The Fly, Wasp Woman is a cheap, inferior effort, lacking the flashes of pulp brilliance that elevated some of Corman’s other low-budget flicks of the 1950s (such as The Undead). More interesting is the real-life case of the film’s star, Susan Cabot, who in 1986 was beaten to death with a weightlifting bar-bell by her son, a deformed dwarf. The theme of a queen wasp/human mutation was treated far more effectively in Zzzzz (1964, starring the stunning Joanna Frank), an episode of The Outer Limits.

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