THE MUTATIONSProduction: UK, 1974Director: Jack CardiffCategory: Science Fiction/Freaks/HorrorA great cinematographer, Cardiff proved how bad a director he could be with the monumentally tedious Girl On A Motorcycle. The Mutations on the other hand is in monumentally bad taste, using real freaks to embellish a repulsive tale of human experimentation set in Continue Reading


UHAW NA DAGAT (“Evaporated Sea”) Production: Philippines, 1981 Director: Celso Ad. CastilloCategory: Island Exploitation/Freaks The most bizarre of all the films made by “alternative cinema” director Castillo, set on a remote tropical island where three sisters live. This paradise slowly turns to nightmare with the advent of various intruders, most notably Continue Reading


CAPERUCITA ROJA (“Red Caperucita”) Production: Mexico, 1960 Director: Roberto Rodriguez Category: Fairy-Tale/Freaks This attempted kids’ movie is a surrealistic atrocity, suffused with an innate Mexican grotesquerie which makes it unsuitable for its target audience but affords some sick fascination for jaded adults. Promotional picture cards showed Little Red dressed like Continue Reading


LA DONNA SCIMMIA (“The Monkey Woman”) Production: Italy, 1963 Director: Marco Ferreri Category: Freaks Based on the real-life story of “Gorilla Woman” Julia Pastrana (born Mexico 1832), a hypertrichosis (excessive body hair) sufferer whose corpse was mummified by husband/promotor Theodore Lent and toured around Europe in a glass coffin. Posted Continue Reading