I CANTI DI MALDOROR (“The Songs Of Maldoror”) Production: Italy, 1977 Director: Alberto Cavallone Category: Madness/Drugs Inspired by, but not really based on, Lautréamont’s classic proto-Surrealist anti-novel Les Chants De Maldoror, Cavallone’s film shows the decline of a movie director (Gianni Garko), obsessed with a female photographer, who commits suicide after excessive drug-use. Continue Reading


BRUJO (“Shaman”) Production: Mexico, 1978 Director: Georges Payrastre & Claudine Viallon Category: Documentary/Witchcraft A powerful 55-minute documentary on shamanism amongst the Mazatec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico, and among two groups of Mayan Indians in southern Mexico and Guatemala. Sequences show a shaman exorcising a spell from a woman by a Continue Reading


CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM ADDICT Production: USA, 1962 Director: Albert Zugsmith Category: Drugs/Slavery/Freaks Vincent Price is a sailor who falls into the clutches of Chinese drug-pushers. An exploitation film, mostly unrelated to Thomas De Quincey’s original book, but full of sleazy imagery. Zugsmith was something of a pulp visionary, producing Orson Welles’ Touch Of Continue Reading