CAIN’S FILM Production: UK, 1969 Director: Jamie Wadhawan Category: Documentary Biographical documentary on Scottish beat/junkie writer Alexander Trocchi, author of Cain’s Book, which deals with drug addiction. The film details how the book was banned for its sex and drug references, and features commentary from William S. Burroughs, who described Trocchi’s Continue Reading


I CANTI DI MALDOROR (“The Songs Of Maldoror”) Production: Italy, 1977 Director: Alberto Cavallone Category: Madness/Drugs Inspired by, but not really based on, Lautréamont’s classic proto-Surrealist anti-novel Les Chants De Maldoror, Cavallone’s film shows the decline of a movie director (Gianni Garko), obsessed with a female photographer, who commits suicide after excessive drug-use. Continue Reading


BRUJO (“Shaman”) Production: Mexico, 1978 Director: Georges Payrastre & Claudine Viallon Category: Documentary/Witchcraft A powerful 55-minute documentary on shamanism amongst the Mazatec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico, and among two groups of Mayan Indians in southern Mexico and Guatemala. Sequences show a shaman exorcising a spell from a woman by a Continue Reading