SHE SHAN GU NU (“Snake-Venom Mountain Women”) Production: Hong Kong, 1977 Director: Liu Kuo-Hsiung English title: Succubare Category: Horror/Black Magic A witchcraft/martial arts movie featuring a Chinese geek (actor Au Lap-Bo) who eats live lizards, snakes, mice and toads onscreen; animal cruelty seems to be the film’s raison d’être. In Continue Reading


SEX PSYCHO Production: USA, 1970 Director: Walt Davis Category: Hardcore Pornography/Gore One of the earliest and most powerful examples of that ultimate hybrid exploitation genre, the hardcore porno-gore movie. All cast and crew (including John Holmes) were uncredited, and the film was actually deemed unreleasable even on the sleaziest of midnight Continue Reading


TURKEY SHOOT Production: Australia, 1982 Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith Category: Science Fiction/Gore A slightly futuristic, gory twist on The Most Dangerous Game, in which political prisoners of a totalitarian regime are held and physically abused at a brutal detention camp. The “turkey shoot” is a regular event held at the camp; selected Continue Reading


BLOOD FEAST Production: USA, 1963 Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis Category: Gore Lewis invents the splatter movie with this outrageous, milestone offering; girls’ limbs are cut off, tongues pulled out by the roots, eyeballs gouged out, brains removed, bodies flayed, etc etc, in lurid color and loving detail. A primitive masterpiece, which Continue Reading