RETURN OF THE SORCERER Production: USA, 1972 Director: Jeannot Szwarc Category: Horror A 30-minute episode of the Rod Serling TV series Night Gallery, notable for being the first ever adaptation of a story by horror writer Clark Ashton Smith, a regular contributor to Weird Tales and other pulp magazines in the 1930s and Continue Reading


RIVERS OF SAND Production: UK, 1974 Director: Robert Gardner Category: Ethno-Documentary An ethnographic investigation of the enigmatic Hamar tribes of Ethiopia, focusing in on the oppression of women within the tribal system, and skirting “mondo” territory with some of its depictions of bloody rituals of life and death. Gardner looks on objectively, Continue Reading


NIKUTAI NO MON (“Gate Of Flesh”) Production: Japan, 1964 Director: Suzuki Seijun Category: Sex/Prostitution The following year Suzuki directed Shunpu-Den (“Prostitute Story”), this time set during WW2 and dealing with the plight of “comfort women” on the Manchurian front. Posted by Lady Belladonna