SZEGÉNYLEGÉNYEK (“Outlaws”) Production: Hungary, 1965 Director: Miklós Jancsó US release title: The Round-Up Category: War Atrocity In the desolate aftermath of Kossuth’s 1848 rebellion against the oppressive Hapsburg Austrian Empire, the last remaining nationalists are imprisoned and subjected to physical and psychological torture. Framed in stark black-and-white images of devastation, Continue Reading


HEI TAI YANG 731(“731: Total Eclipse Of The Sun”)Production: Hong Kong, 1988English title: Men Behind The SunDirector: T.F. Mou Tun-FeiCategory: War Atrocity/Human ExperimentsA faked, but hideously realistic documentary account of true war and experimental medical atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese kempeitai in Manchuria during WW2, at the covert bacteriological mass-extermination Continue Reading