JEG-EN-MARKI (“I, Marquis”) Production: Denmark/Sweden, 1967 Director: Mac Ahlberg & Peer Guldbrandsen Category: Sex/Marquis de Sade An accountant suffering from acute depression due to financial worries decides to make a last desperate change in his life, and takes on the name – soon followed by the persona – of M.D.E. Continue Reading


AIMEZ-VOUS LES FEMMES? (“Do You Like Women?”) Production: France, 1964 Director: Jean Léon Category: Cannibalism LA TRISTESSE DES ANTHROPOPHAGES (“The Sorrow Of The Cannibals”) Production: France, 1966 Director: Jean-Denis Bonan Category: Coprophilia A scatological absurdity that depicts a gourmet restaurant where the chefs serve up platters of steaming excrement squeezed hot from Continue Reading