(“I, Marquis”)
Production: Denmark/Sweden, 1967
Director: Mac Ahlberg & Peer Guldbrandsen
Category: Sex/Marquis de Sade
An accountant suffering from acute depression due to financial worries decides to make a last desperate change in his life, and takes on the name – soon followed by the persona – of M.D.E. Sade. He begins stealing money from his clients and living up to his new aristocratic identity. People start to treat him with respect, and at the mere mention of his name, even highly respectable members of the upper class Scandinavian society are triggered into the wildest, most erotic, sadistic and masochistic fantasies imaginable. Ahlberg would later broach Sade once again when (as Bert Torn) he directed Justine Och Juliette (1975), with American porn star Harry Reems.

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