MANDINGOProduction: USA, 1975Director: Richard FleischerCategory: Sex/SlaveryMandingo is the notorious big-budget sex-and-black-slavery epic of sadism and miscegeny, which was never re-released by Paramount after its controversial first run. The film contains frontal nudity, flagellation, the auctioning of naked slaves, death by bitten-out jugular vein, black females used as concubines, black slaves Continue Reading


SPACE IS THE PLACE Production: USA, 1974 Director: John Coney Category: Avant-Jazz/Black Power An incredible vehicle for the psychedelic talents of Sun Ra, the radical space-age free-jazz philosopher. Performance footage of his amazing Intergalactic Solar Arkestra is inserted into a plot that mixes a 1950s SF aesthetic with revolutionary politics and elements of Continue Reading


ACROSS 110TH STREET Production: USA, 1972 Director: Barry Shear Category: Crime/Blaxploitation A violent mob-crime thriller with elements of blaxploitation, based around a machine-gun massacre in Harlem. With a soundtrack by Bobby Womack; the title song is now viewed as a classic of its kind. Posted by Cryptomaniac


TONGUE Production: USA, 1975-76 Director: K.B. Category: Pornography/Blaxploitation Grotesque, gloomy, existential black freak pornography from the enigmatic “K.B.” (possibly actress Niva Ruschell), featuring Al Poe as Quasi, a mute with a 12-inch tongue. Quasi lives in solitude with a pet frog, and plays chess. He has voices and visions of Continue Reading