Production: USA, 1975
Director: Richard Fleischer
Category: Sex/Slavery
Mandingo is the notorious big-budget sex-and-black-slavery epic of sadism and miscegeny, which was never re-released by Paramount after its controversial first run. The film contains frontal nudity, flagellation, the auctioning of naked slaves, death by bitten-out jugular vein, black females used as concubines, black slaves used as studs, and a finale in which the black slave, Mede, is boiled alive in a cauldron as punishment for impregnating his master’s wife. This staggering slice of Southern gothic-psychotic inspired a semi-sequel, Drum (Steve Carver, 1976) with Pam Grier, as well as the requisite Italian copies, Emmanuelle Bianca E Nera (“Emanuelle White And Black”, 1976) and Mandinga (1977), both directed by Mario Pinzaiti, which take the sado-sexual angle to typically exaggerated heights. Mandingo (1976) was a queer porno loop from Falcon Studios, showing a young mulatto male (“his bloodlines were pure Mandingo”) masturbating. Earlier entries in a similar vein to Fleischer’s feature were Herbert J. Biberman’s Slaves (1969) and Russ Meyer’s Black Snake! (1973) – but none of these films can compete with the hate-blasting mondo holocaust of Prosperi and Jacopetti’s Addio Zio Tom from 1971.

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