(“A Thousand Burning Roses”)
Production: Hong Kong, 1992
Director: Lee Tin-Ho
Category: Women-In-Prison
A Chinese jungle prison film featuring excessive brutality and cruelty to women. In a remote incarceration camp, where the females are used for sexual gratification and the males for target practice, the Commander amuses himself by pissing on crucified prisoners, covering nude hog-tied girls with giant centipedes, and stuffing a mixture of human hair and lard into their vaginas. The film augments the usual WIP staples of catfights, nudity, bondage and rape with these and other horrors which include sodomy by gun-barrel, worm-eating, castration, and stabbings, and also manages to include some martial arts action during the climactic, immolatory riot. A similar type of film, but set in an urban whorehouse of abused women as opposed to a prison camp, was Johnny Wang Lung-Wei’s Hua Jie Kuang Ben (“Stampede On Flower Street”, 1992), filled with sadomasochism, nudity, sex and violence.

Posted by Graf Mitternacht

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