KOFUN!! (“Aroused!!”) Production: Japan, 1968 Director: Okuwaki Toshio US release title: Naked Pursuit Category: Sex Okuwaki’s erotic film – he previously scripted Shojo No Zekkyo (“Scream Of The Virgin”, 1966) and others – is an attempted melange of sex, crime and rebellion in the mould of Koji Wakamatsu, Japan’s greatest Continue Reading


L’ENFER DANS LA PEAU (“Hell Beneath The Skin”) Production: France, 1965 Director: José Bénazéraf US release title: Sexus Category: Sex-Violence One of the numerous European sex-and-violence films acquired by Radley Metzger to be edited, dubbed, and in some cases augmented with new erotic footage, for release on his Audubon distribution company. Posted Continue Reading


FUEGO (“Fire”) Production: Argentina, 1969 Director: Armando Bó Category: Softcore Pornography One of numerous weird erotic films made by Bó with his regular sex goddess star Isabel Sarli. Others include Carne (“Meat”, 1969) and El Sexo Y El Amor Sexo (“Sex And Love”, 1974). Posted by Nightcrawler-X


LA ROSE ECORCHÉE (“The Flayed Rose”) Production: France, 1970 Director: Claude Mulot Category: Sex/Sadism/Freaks English title: The Blood Rose German title: Das Blutige Schloss der Lebenden Leichen (“Bloody Castle Of Living Corpses”) Promoted as the first “sex-horror” film, Mulot’s phantasy was a conflation of sex, nudity, violence, gore, and two sinister dwarfs. Continue Reading