ARCANA Production: Italy, 1972 Director: Giulio Questi Category: Occult The third, and least known, of the unconnected triptych of enigmatic features made by Questi at the end of the 1960s/early 70s. Whereas Se Sei Vivo Spara was a horror-tinged homo-erotic western and La Morte Ha Fatto L’Uovo a perverse, psychedelic Continue Reading


GONG GUI ZAI (“Red Dwarf Ghost”) Production: Hong Kong, 1983 Director: Titus Ho Wing-Lam English title: Red Spells Red Category: Horror/Black Magic One of the most rare and extreme Hong Kong horror films of the early 80s, belonging to that small cluster of reptile, insect and arachnid revulsion freakshows that only Continue Reading


EVILSPEAK Production: USA, 1981 Director: Eric Weston Category: Horror An early example of “computer horror” – a young outcast unlocks a gateway to demons through his screen. In the same vein as “teen Satanism” horror movies such as Fear No Evil, Trick Or Treat, Rock And Roll Nightmare, Black Roses, Continue Reading