AROUSED Production: USA, 1966 Director: Anton Holden Category: Serial Murder/Sex-Psycho From the same NY grindhouse scene as the films of Michael and Roberta Findlay, Holden’s “roughie/ghoulie” is one of the best of the period, featuring a psychopathic killer with a grudge against hookers (his mother was a prostitute who neglected Continue Reading


NIKUTAI NO MON (“Gate Of Flesh”) Production: Japan, 1964 Director: Suzuki Seijun Category: Sex/Prostitution The following year Suzuki directed Shunpu-Den (“Prostitute Story”), this time set during WW2 and dealing with the plight of “comfort women” on the Manchurian front. Posted by Lady Belladonna


DER SITTLICHKEITSVERBRECHER (“The Criminal Perverts”) Production: Switzerland, 1963 Director: Franz Schnyder US release title: The Molesters Category: Sex-Crime One of the many European films imported to the USA and marketed as over-dubbed sex exploitation fodder; additional whipping scenes with nude model Gigi Darlene were filmed and inserted by the distributor. Posted Continue Reading


L’ENFER DANS LA PEAU (“Hell Beneath The Skin”) Production: France, 1965 Director: José Bénazéraf US release title: Sexus Category: Sex-Violence One of the numerous European sex-and-violence films acquired by Radley Metzger to be edited, dubbed, and in some cases augmented with new erotic footage, for release on his Audubon distribution company. Posted Continue Reading


DATAI (“Abortion”) Production: Japan, 1966 Director: Adachi Masao Category: Sex The first “pink” movie directed by Wakamatsu collaborator Adachi concerns Marukido Sadao, a demented gynaecologist who wants to cure the sexual problems of mankind by radically separating sex and reproduction. By creating human life only in artificial wombs, Sadao hopes Continue Reading