HEI TAI YANG 731(“731: Total Eclipse Of The Sun”)Production: Hong Kong, 1988English title: Men Behind The SunDirector: T.F. Mou Tun-FeiCategory: War Atrocity/Human ExperimentsA faked, but hideously realistic documentary account of true war and experimental medical atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese kempeitai in Manchuria during WW2, at the covert bacteriological mass-extermination Continue Reading


NATTLEK (“Night Games”) Production: Sweden, 1966 Director: Mai Zetterling Category: Sex Mania When first shown at the 1966 Venice Film Festival, Nattlek was screened behind closed doors to the judges only, as it was deemed the most outrageous film ever made (a verdict clearly indicative of the judges’ ignorance). It Continue Reading