THE MUTATIONSProduction: UK, 1974Director: Jack CardiffCategory: Science Fiction/Freaks/HorrorA great cinematographer, Cardiff proved how bad a director he could be with the monumentally tedious Girl On A Motorcycle. The Mutations on the other hand is in monumentally bad taste, using real freaks to embellish a repulsive tale of human experimentation set in Continue Reading


MANDINGOProduction: USA, 1975Director: Richard FleischerCategory: Sex/SlaveryMandingo is the notorious big-budget sex-and-black-slavery epic of sadism and miscegeny, which was never re-released by Paramount after its controversial first run. The film contains frontal nudity, flagellation, the auctioning of naked slaves, death by bitten-out jugular vein, black females used as concubines, black slaves Continue Reading


QIAN HUO MEIGUI(“A Thousand Burning Roses”)Production: Hong Kong, 1992Director: Lee Tin-HoCategory: Women-In-PrisonA Chinese jungle prison film featuring excessive brutality and cruelty to women. In a remote incarceration camp, where the females are used for sexual gratification and the males for target practice, the Commander amuses himself by pissing on crucified Continue Reading