GONG GUI ZAI (“Red Dwarf Ghost”) Production: Hong Kong, 1983 Director: Titus Ho Wing-Lam English title: Red Spells Red Category: Horror/Black Magic One of the most rare and extreme Hong Kong horror films of the early 80s, belonging to that small cluster of reptile, insect and arachnid revulsion freakshows that only Continue Reading


XIN DU BI DAO (“New One-Armed Swordsman”) Production: Hong Kong, 1971 Director: Chang Cheh Category: Martial Arts Despite the kung-fu boom of the early 70s, swordplay movies were still being profitably made in Hong Kong. When Wang Yu left Shaw Brothers, they were quick to replace their departed talisman with not one Continue Reading


I CANTI DI MALDOROR (“The Songs Of Maldoror”) Production: Italy, 1977 Director: Alberto Cavallone Category: Madness/Drugs Inspired by, but not really based on, Lautréamont’s classic proto-Surrealist anti-novel Les Chants De Maldoror, Cavallone’s film shows the decline of a movie director (Gianni Garko), obsessed with a female photographer, who commits suicide after excessive drug-use. Continue Reading