(“The Songs Of Maldoror”)
Production: Italy, 1977
Director: Alberto Cavallone
Category: Madness/Drugs
Inspired by, but not really based on, Lautréamont’s classic proto-Surrealist anti-novel Les Chants De Maldoror, Cavallone’s film shows the decline of a movie director (Gianni Garko), obsessed with a female photographer, who commits suicide after excessive drug-use. Cavallone’s Maldoror is suitably marked by a series of hallucinogenic visions, including a girl sewn naked inside the gutted carcass of a cow; although completed, the film never received theatrical release. Perhaps as a reaction to this, Cavallone went ahead with his excoriating anti-film, Blue Movie, the atrocity-filled blast of hate which effectively ended his chances of commercial success.

Posted by Venus Vex

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