ANTI-CLIMAX Production: Mexico, 1969 Director: Gelsen Gas Category: Counter-Culture Gas was a painter, poet, theatre director, sculptor and inventor who directed this one film only, a succession of surrealistic visual enigmas inflamed by a constant undertow of sexual and political agitation involving public transport, an industrial factory whose machines spew Continue Reading


NUOVA GUINEA: L’ISOLA DEI CANNIBALI (“New Guinea: Island Of The Cannibals”) Production: Italy/Japan, 1974 Director: Ide Akira Japanese title: Zankoku Hitokui Tairiku (“Continent Of Cannibals And Cruelty”) Category: Mondo/Cannibal Notorious mondo film about the brutal man-eating tribes of New Guinea, featuring a cavalcade of grotesque, often stomach-turning sequences: a woman who Continue Reading


RAPE Production: UK, 1969 Director: Yoko Ono & John Lennon Category: Experimental Ono and Lennon made several experimental films during the late 1960s/early 1970s; some are throwaway, while others, like Rape, are extremely powerful and engaging. Rape is based on a brief cinematic premise by Ono written in 1968: “The Continue Reading


EVILSPEAK Production: USA, 1981 Director: Eric Weston Category: Horror An early example of “computer horror” – a young outcast unlocks a gateway to demons through his screen. In the same vein as “teen Satanism” horror movies such as Fear No Evil, Trick Or Treat, Rock And Roll Nightmare, Black Roses, Continue Reading