NAWA TO HADA (“Rope And Skin”) Production: Japan, 1979 Director: Nishimura Shogoro Category: Sex/Sadism Notable as the last film starring Naomi Tani, who plays Cherry Blossom Okoma, a female gambler also giving her farewell performance – or so she thinks. It all goes wrong when she catches a local yakuza boss Continue Reading


KOFUN!! (“Aroused!!”) Production: Japan, 1968 Director: Okuwaki Toshio US release title: Naked Pursuit Category: Sex Okuwaki’s erotic film – he previously scripted Shojo No Zekkyo (“Scream Of The Virgin”, 1966) and others – is an attempted melange of sex, crime and rebellion in the mould of Koji Wakamatsu, Japan’s greatest Continue Reading


DER SITTLICHKEITSVERBRECHER (“The Criminal Perverts”) Production: Switzerland, 1963 Director: Franz Schnyder US release title: The Molesters Category: Sex-Crime One of the many European films imported to the USA and marketed as over-dubbed sex exploitation fodder; additional whipping scenes with nude model Gigi Darlene were filmed and inserted by the distributor. Posted Continue Reading


CALIGOLA… LA STORIA MAI RACCONTATA (“Caligula: The Untold Story”) Production: Italy 1982 Director: Joe D’Amato Category: Hardcore Pornography/Peplum Only Joe D’Amato could make a low-budget copy of Tinto Brass’ blood-soaked and sexually perverse Caligola and come up with something even more depraved; while no match in terms of production values and acting Continue Reading


ANIMAL LOVER Production: Denmark/USA, 1970 Director: Alex de Renzy & Freddy Hansen Category: Pornography/Bestiality Starring Bodil Joensen, the self-confessed and exhibitionistic Danish zoophile alcoholic, in various compromising positions of bestiality, including intercourse and oral sex with a horse, a dog and a pig, framed by various interviews. Bodil featured in Continue Reading


L’UOMO, LA DONNA E LA BESTIA: SPELL (DOLCE MATTATOIO) (“Man, Woman And Beast: Spell (Sweet Slaughterhouse)”) Production: Italy, 1977 Director: Alberto Cavallone Category: Experimental/Scatology A rooster, skulls, bones, eggs, a graveyard, a mute madwoman drinking from a filthy toilet bowl, anatomical drawings, a cow giving birth, images of death, adolescent breasts and Continue Reading


FUEGO (“Fire”) Production: Argentina, 1969 Director: Armando Bó Category: Softcore Pornography One of numerous weird erotic films made by Bó with his regular sex goddess star Isabel Sarli. Others include Carne (“Meat”, 1969) and El Sexo Y El Amor Sexo (“Sex And Love”, 1974). Posted by Nightcrawler-X