Production: Denmark/USA, 1970
Director: Alex de Renzy & Freddy Hansen
Category: Pornography/Bestiality
Starring Bodil Joensen, the self-confessed and exhibitionistic Danish zoophile alcoholic, in various compromising positions of bestiality, including intercourse and oral sex with a horse, a dog and a pig, framed by various interviews. Bodil featured in numerous bestiality porn loops mostly produced by Danish company Color Climax, including Dog Orgy (1972), Horsepower (1973), and Animal Bizarre (1979, horse masturbation). Other footage was later compiled on a CC video, Animal Climax. Joensen also specialised in nun/animal loops, with footage appearing on the likes of Wild Dog With Two Sensual Nuns (Animal Special #32) and Perverted Nuns (Erpe Trading’s Animal #9001). Bodil died of chronic alcohol abuse – some say suicide – aged 40. Joensen also featured in the 1970 documentary Bodil Joensen – En Sommerdag Juli 1970 (“Bodil Joensen: A Summer’s Day, July 1970”), directed by Japanese film-maker Tajiri Shinkichi; in the 1971 Danish documentary Sex En Gros, directed by Nils Vest; in the 1971 Danish documentary Hvorfor Gør De Det? (“Why Do They Do It?”), directed by sexologists Eberhardt and Phyllis Kronhausen; and in the 1974 Japanese documentary Jushoku No Joo (“Queen Of Beast-Lust”), directed by Kan Mukai. Hvorfor Gør De Det?, the most infamous sex documentary by the Kronhausens, caused huge controversy when shown, uncut, at the 1972 Cannes Film Festival (hardcore pornography was still illegal in France at the time).

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