Production: USA, 1972
Director: Eduardo Cemano
Category: Hardcore Pornography
The first film in an unusual trilogy of early hardcore porn movies, centring on radical theories of sex therapy, and directed by Cemano who started his career with a pair of wild “acid sex” films, Millie’s Homecoming and The Weirdos And The Oddballs (both 1971). In The Healers, Doctor Darby and his nubile nurse are purveyors of a system known as Orgasmic Free Flow, whereby the sexually repressed are cured by hot group sex sessions. Cemano directed two more films in the “sexual healing” trilogy: Fongaluli (1972) is the most outrageous of them all, featuring a zoologist who experiments with the creation of animal hybrids. On a remote tropical island he ingests the psychotropic fonagluli leaf and sees a lobster metamorphose into a sexually voracious young woman (played by Persephone Black), as well as beast-headed people copulating. He also encounters an evil witch and sexual orgies amongst the island natives. In the third film of the trilogy, Madame Zenobia (1973), a young girl is haunted by the ghost of her dead husband (played by Jamie Gillis) and is unable to consummate her new relationship. She has sex with the ghost in a graveyard as an attempted exorcism, but it all ends in failure. Cemano next made Bridal Intrigue (1975), an orgy film, but little is known of his subsequent activities.

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