Production: USA, c.1975
Director: John Prince
Category: Bondage
A classic bondage/torture film from John and Cindy Prince; as in all of their 16mm works, Cindy is the girl who falls into enemy hands and is subjected to brutal bondage and domination. In Nazi Torture Castle, she plays a CIA agent who is captured by Nazis and tortured in the dungeons of an SS fortress; stripped naked, chained, clamped, beaten, bound and roasted over a furnace, Cindy squirms before a huge swastika flag, ultimate symbol of power and oppression. A brilliant evocation of the pulp universe of 60s and 70s men’s mags which gave us such luridly illustrated stories as Soft Nudes For The Nazis’ Doktor Horror (with cover art by the great Norman Eastman), Golden Nudes For The Mad Nazi Sculptor, or Grisly Rites Of Hitler’s Monster Flesh-Stripper. Other Prince BDSM films include Jack The Whipper, Trapped Tourist, and Missing Drugs; all are marked by a flair for inventive and sadistic torture, with tying, whipping, burning, electrocution, suspension, and fetishistic devices such as spiked breast stocks or heated iron chastity belts.

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