Production: USA, 1969
Director: Simon Nuchtern
Category: Softcore Pornography/Satanism
An early example of Satanic erotica, in which the Devil incarnates as a voluptuous woman (named Lucibel) and promises an orgy of erotic delight to an introverted young man in exchange for his soul. When he accepts, the film shows us, in as much nude detail as permissible at the time, the various sexual fantasies in which he indulges. Director Nuchtern is thought to be the man reponsible for the mutilation and evisceration footage appended to Michael and Roberta Findlay’s 1971 post-Manson movie The Slaughter (original title: Daughters Of De Sade), to turn it into Snuff, the 1975 “murder-film” hoax. Snuff was doubtless inspired by rumours persistent in the 70s that various South American torture regimes were filming the atrocities and murders being carried out against political “dissidents”, and that some of the resulting footage was surfacing on the US black market. And in the wake of Snuff’s success, a reported slew of sex-death loops appeared on the underground peepshow scene, and could be viewed in sleazy venues like the notorious Crossroads Books in Times Square. Showing nude girls being carved open and eviscerated after being raped, these short films – of which a well-known example was Vampira – were almost certainly well-produced fakes.

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