CALIGOLA… LA STORIA MAI RACCONTATA (“Caligula: The Untold Story”) Production: Italy 1982 Director: Joe D’Amato Category: Hardcore Pornography/Peplum Only Joe D’Amato could make a low-budget copy of Tinto Brass’ blood-soaked and sexually perverse Caligola and come up with something even more depraved; while no match in terms of production values and acting Continue Reading


ANIMAL LOVER Production: Denmark/USA, 1970 Director: Alex de Renzy & Freddy Hansen Category: Pornography/Bestiality Starring Bodil Joensen, the self-confessed and exhibitionistic Danish zoophile alcoholic, in various compromising positions of bestiality, including intercourse and oral sex with a horse, a dog and a pig, framed by various interviews. Bodil featured in Continue Reading


SEXUAL FREEDOM IN DENMARK Production: USA, 1970 Director: John Lamb Category: Adult/Documentary A broad documentary look at sexuality in history, including Japanese and Chinese erotic art (including images of bestiality), plus issues of contraception, sex education and obscenity, and ending with a child-birth sequence plus filmed demonstrations of various sexual Continue Reading


SEX PSYCHO Production: USA, 1970 Director: Walt Davis Category: Hardcore Pornography/Gore One of the earliest and most powerful examples of that ultimate hybrid exploitation genre, the hardcore porno-gore movie. All cast and crew (including John Holmes) were uncredited, and the film was actually deemed unreleasable even on the sleaziest of midnight Continue Reading


THE HEALERS Production: USA, 1972 Director: Eduardo Cemano Category: Hardcore PornographyThe first film in an unusual trilogy of early hardcore porn movies, centring on radical theories of sex therapy, and directed by Cemano who started his career with a pair of wild “acid sex” films, Millie’s Homecoming and The Weirdos And Continue Reading