Production: USA, 1970
Director: Walt Davis
Category: Hardcore Pornography/Gore
One of the earliest and most powerful examples of that ultimate hybrid exploitation genre, the hardcore porno-gore movie. All cast and crew (including John Holmes) were uncredited, and the film was actually deemed unreleasable even on the sleaziest of midnight movie circuits. Straight and gay hardcore scenes, necrophilia, and blood-spurting mutilations and murders are combined in an artless, claustrophobic nightmare of irremediable depravity that in 1970 was simply too much to take. Undeterred, director Davis tried to top this with his next film, Evil Come, Evil Go. The short SF-200 porn loop Sex Psycho – in which a mental patient rapes a nurse anally and vaginally with a carrot – is seemingly unrelated. SF-200 were one of the earliest hardcore loop producers in San Francisco; amongst their many other releases were Evil Eye (#235) and School Daze (#245), a pseudo-paedophile piece featuring Fran Spector, star of Harlot (1971) and post-Manson commune flick The Family (also 1971).

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