MALICE@DOLL Production: Japan, 1999 Director: Motonaga Keitaro Category: Anime/CyberSex Comprising three OAV episodes – Hard Flesh, Oral Infection, and Perverted Organism – Malice@Doll is regarded as the first 3D-CGI anime created in Japan. Written by Chiaki Konaka, the film is set in a future where mankind has vanished, leaving behind Continue Reading


PU PUProduction: Japan, 1960 Director: Jonouchi Motoharu Category: ExperimentalOne of the most renowned Japanese experimental films of the early 60s, comprising surrealistic sequences of a profane burial rite intercut with found images. Jonouchi was one of the founders of the VAN Institute for Cinematic Science, along with the likes of Continue Reading


I CANTI DI MALDOROR (“The Songs Of Maldoror”) Production: Italy, 1977 Director: Alberto Cavallone Category: Madness/Drugs Inspired by, but not really based on, Lautréamont’s classic proto-Surrealist anti-novel Les Chants De Maldoror, Cavallone’s film shows the decline of a movie director (Gianni Garko), obsessed with a female photographer, who commits suicide after excessive drug-use. Continue Reading


ANTI-CLIMAX Production: Mexico, 1969 Director: Gelsen Gas Category: Counter-Culture Gas was a painter, poet, theatre director, sculptor and inventor who directed this one film only, a succession of surrealistic visual enigmas inflamed by a constant undertow of sexual and political agitation involving public transport, an industrial factory whose machines spew Continue Reading


RAPE Production: UK, 1969 Director: Yoko Ono & John Lennon Category: Experimental Ono and Lennon made several experimental films during the late 1960s/early 1970s; some are throwaway, while others, like Rape, are extremely powerful and engaging. Rape is based on a brief cinematic premise by Ono written in 1968: “The Continue Reading


L’AVENTURE PRODIGIEUSE DE LA DENTELLIÈRE ET DU RHINOCÉROS “The Prodigious Adventure Of The Lacemaker And The Rhinoceros” Production: Spain/France, 1954-62 Director: Salvador Dalí & Robert Descharnes Category: Surrealism One of the legendary uncompleted art films of the 20th century, this collaboration with Robert Descharnes was conceived as a cinematic exploration of Dali’s previous Continue Reading


RYAKUSHO RENZOKU SHASATSUMA (“Abbreviation: Demon Gun-Killer”) Production: Japan, 1969 Director: Masao Adachi, Mamoru Sasaki & Masao Matsuda Category: Experimental/Political/True Crime Produced by Koji Wakamatsu, Adachi’s film is a true underground classic, recreating the voyage across Japan of Norio Nagayama, a real-life, 19-year-old killer who murdered four victims by gunshot in Continue Reading