Production: Japan, 1999
Director: Motonaga Keitaro
Category: Anime/CyberSex
Comprising three OAV episodes – Hard Flesh, Oral Infection, and Perverted OrganismMalice@Doll is regarded as the first 3D-CGI anime created in Japan. Written by Chiaki Konaka, the film is set in a future where mankind has vanished, leaving behind only its dead cities and the living machines it created as servants. Among these are the sex-androids, built for pleasure; when one of them, Malice Doll, is violently raped by a tentacled creature, she awakes to find herself transformed into flesh and blood. From that point on, her kiss delivers a fatal virus which turns all machines into real – but hideously twisted and deformed – flesh. With its bestiary of bizarre creatures and backdrops, Malice@Doll comes across like a cyberpunk Svankmajer, or the collages of Max Ernst brought to life and infested by Hans Bellmer mannequins from a black metaverse. Bellmer was actually a key inspiration for the doll-making underground in Japan (of which director Motonaga is a member), a movement that found its modern form in the work of Yotsuya Simon, who in the 1970s produced articulated, fetishized dolls complete with make-up and pubic hair. This type of sexualised doll is now made by numerous artists, and often exhibited in Tokyo and Osaka.

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