CALIGOLA… LA STORIA MAI RACCONTATA (“Caligula: The Untold Story”) Production: Italy 1982 Director: Joe D’Amato Category: Hardcore Pornography/Peplum Only Joe D’Amato could make a low-budget copy of Tinto Brass’ blood-soaked and sexually perverse Caligola and come up with something even more depraved; while no match in terms of production values and acting Continue Reading


ADEBAR Production: Austria, 1957 Director: Peter Kubelka Category: Experimental From 1956 onwards, film-maker Kubelka developed what he termed “metric cinema”, a rigid format where films were constructed using incredibly precise regulations. At one minute long, Adebar is the first of these metric films, using predetermined shot-lengths of 13, 26 and Continue Reading


L’ENFER DANS LA PEAU (“Hell Beneath The Skin”) Production: France, 1965 Director: José Bénazéraf US release title: Sexus Category: Sex-Violence One of the numerous European sex-and-violence films acquired by Radley Metzger to be edited, dubbed, and in some cases augmented with new erotic footage, for release on his Audubon distribution company. Posted Continue Reading


ANIMAL LOVER Production: Denmark/USA, 1970 Director: Alex de Renzy & Freddy Hansen Category: Pornography/Bestiality Starring Bodil Joensen, the self-confessed and exhibitionistic Danish zoophile alcoholic, in various compromising positions of bestiality, including intercourse and oral sex with a horse, a dog and a pig, framed by various interviews. Bodil featured in Continue Reading


PLANETA BUR (“Storm Planet”) Production: Soviet Union, 1961 Director: Pavel Klushantsev Category: Science Fiction With Planeta Bur, depicting a space trip to the planet Venus, Pavel Klushantsev pioneered and invented legendary special effects techniques for filming the planets, stars and weightnessless. In doing so he virtually redefined the science fiction genre, Continue Reading


SHE SHAN GU NU (“Snake-Venom Mountain Women”) Production: Hong Kong, 1977 Director: Liu Kuo-Hsiung English title: Succubare Category: Horror/Black Magic A witchcraft/martial arts movie featuring a Chinese geek (actor Au Lap-Bo) who eats live lizards, snakes, mice and toads onscreen; animal cruelty seems to be the film’s raison d’être. In Continue Reading


SITTING TARGET Production: UK, 1972 Director: Douglas Hickox Category: Crime/Violence One of three outstanding, brutal crime thrillers made in early 70s England, each starring one of that country’s top actors. Whilst Get Carter had Michael Caine and Villain had Richard Burton, Sitting Target boasts the immortal Oliver Reed in one of Continue Reading