Production: USA, 1987
Director: Josh Becker
Category: Vietnam/Gore
An unholy amalgam of Vietnam psychosis, Charles Manson, and bloody splatter. 1969: Stryker returns home from combat in Vietnam after sustaining a field wound. It seems that his home town is being terrorized by a local Manson-style cult, who end up kidnapping a bunch of the locals. When Stryker is visited by three old army buddies, they decide to check out exactly what’s going down in the woods. All-out war between the vets and the killer hippies breaks out, which is where the film descends into ultra-gore with its depictions of the massacre carried out by the clearly psychotic, flashback-tormented ex-soldiers. The film climaxes with a violent showdown between Stryker and the Mansonesque cult leader (played by Sam Raimi), who ends up impaled on the forks of his own chopper.

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