Production: Australia, 1982
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Category: Science Fiction/Gore
A slightly futuristic, gory twist on The Most Dangerous Game, in which political prisoners of a totalitarian regime are held and physically abused at a brutal detention camp. The “turkey shoot” is a regular event held at the camp; selected inmates are taken to the surrounding jungle and given the chance to try and win their freedom by evading capture until sundown. From its early scenes of relatively mild torture, the film now escalates in violence and atrocity; the victims of the “turkey shoot” have hands sliced off, toes bitten off, skulls split open with machetes, bodies dismembered and disembowelled, or are simply blown to bits. Accordingly, the film’s only focus of interest is who will die next, and how. Director Trenchard-Smith also made Dead-End Drive-In (1986), about another kind of near-future containment camp (this time for juvenile delinquent drivers).

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