(“Storm Planet”)
Production: Soviet Union, 1961
Director: Pavel Klushantsev
Category: Science Fiction
With Planeta Bur, depicting a space trip to the planet Venus, Pavel Klushantsev pioneered and invented legendary special effects techniques for filming the planets, stars and weightnessless. In doing so he virtually redefined the science fiction genre, profoundly influencing the way Hollywood made SF films. Roger Corman bought the rights to this movie and twice used it as the basis for hack abortions: Curtis Harrington’s Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet and Peter Bogdanovich’s Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women. Always involved with the Soviet space program, Klushantsev’s last films included the short science documentraies Luna (“The Moon”, 1965), Mars (1968), and Vizhu Zemlyu! (“Behold The Earth!”, 1970).

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