Production: Mexico, 1969
Director: Gelsen Gas
Category: Counter-Culture
Gas was a painter, poet, theatre director, sculptor and inventor who directed this one film only, a succession of surrealistic visual enigmas inflamed by a constant undertow of sexual and political agitation involving public transport, an industrial factory whose machines spew artificial flowers, a man and woman make love atop a giant can-opener, and other skewed corporeal meshings. As the film opens, a lone desert wanderer digs up film canisters from the sand, and brushing off the debris reveals the title, “Anticlimax”, before the screen fades to black for several seconds. Pierre Henry’s 1967 pop electronique fuzz-freakout “Psyche Rock” features on the soundtrack, and there’s an appearance by Gas’ cohort in criminal ideas, film director Alejandro Jodorowsky. In the film’s final scene, the main character is seen emerging from a movie theatre with “Anticlimax” up on the marquee.

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