(“New Guinea: Island Of The Cannibals”)
Production: Italy/Japan, 1974
Director: Ide Akira
Japanese title: Zankoku Hitokui Tairiku (“Continent Of Cannibals And Cruelty”)
Category: Mondo/Cannibal
Notorious mondo film about the brutal man-eating tribes of New Guinea, featuring a cavalcade of grotesque, often stomach-turning sequences: a woman who feeds on the corpse-worms infesting her dead husband’s body, relatives bathing in the decomposed tissue and sewage that links from a bloated cadaver, human bones in cages and skull-strewn burial grounds, atrocities on live animals, self-tattooing, scarification and mutilation, homosexual buggery and other explicit activities, religious magic ceremonies with psychotropic drug abuse, nudity, and more. With music by mondo specialist, Riz Ortolani, this is the only known film by director Ide, who also published a book by the same name. Primitives from New Guinea – including a cannibal tribe who smoke-cure the dead, and others who wear gourds around their genitals – can also be seen in Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau’s earlier ethno-documentary Flame And The Fire (1966).

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