Production: USA, 1970
Director: John Lamb
Category: Adult/Documentary
A broad documentary look at sexuality in history, including Japanese and Chinese erotic art (including images of bestiality), plus issues of contraception, sex education and obscenity, and ending with a child-birth sequence plus filmed demonstrations of various sexual techniques and positions. Lamb’s film was the inspiration for other pseudo-educational works like Sexual Freedom In Brooklyn (1971) and Sexual Freedom And Permissiveness In America (1971). Shaun Costello also produced a late homage, Sexual Freedom In The Ozarks, in 1973. Director Lamb himself followed up with Sexual Liberty Now (1971), which featured animal-human sex (involving the notorious Boedil Joensen and a pig), while Karl Hansen contributed Sexual Practices In Sweden (1970), featuring methods of foreplay, oral sex and copulation shown in explicit detail. In a similar vein was Sid Knightsen’s Sexual Customs In Scandinavia (1971), to which hardcore footage of John Holmes was added for a 1975 re-release.

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