Production: USA, 1981
Director: Barbara Behr
Category: Sado-Masochism/Bondage
Seemingly inspired by the bondage comics of John Willie, The Perils Of Prunella is an early film by Behr, founder of House of Milan. Prunella is an office girl who is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious castle, where a depraved aristocrat trains her to become a slave; this involves binding, suspension, beating, gagging, and other sadistic measures. The film was mainly shot at the Chateau in San Francisco, a famous fetish establishment owned by the enigmatic “Sir” James Hillier, who also plays the slave master here. Prunella was played by “K”, one of his personal slaves. Hillier was previously involved in the production of around a dozen underground SM films in the early 1960s; shot in France and Germany, these included the Tortured Damsel series and featured hardcore sex and rape scenes as well as abduction, bondage and torture. Barbara Behr produced and directed a number of other films of female discipline and interrogation, including Top Secret (1982, with Vanessa Del Rio), The Experiment (1983, with Renee Baker), The Trap (1985, with Michelle Bauer), and Caught! (1985, with Georgia Van Helsing). Baker and Van Helsing can be seen together in the hardcore bondage/girls-in-peril movies Tourist Trap (1984) and Bitter Sweet Revenge (1985). The Perils Of Prunella should not be confused with The Story Of Prunella, a 1982 Avon roughie directed by Phil Prince in which three convicts bust out of jail and embark on a vicious rape, sodomy and torture spree.

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