Production: USA, 1975-76
Director: K.B.
Category: Pornography/Blaxploitation
Grotesque, gloomy, existential black freak pornography from the enigmatic “K.B.” (possibly actress Niva Ruschell), featuring Al Poe as Quasi, a mute with a 12-inch tongue. Quasi lives in solitude with a pet frog, and plays chess. He has voices and visions of bloody murder in his head. When a bunch of swingers discover his freakish oral asset, they drag him into their depraved sex orgies. Euro-porn star Brigitte Maier, former muse of Lasse Braun, also features, and the experimental funk soundtrack includes theremin flourishes. One of the few deviant arthouse (or art-asylum) classics of black 70s cinema. Recommended listening: “Tongue” (OST, LP, Roger Hamilton Spotts, 1975)

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