(“Thriller – A Cruel Film”)
Production: Sweden, 1973
Director: Bo Arne Vibenius
Category: Drugs/Sex/Violence
Bo Arne Vibenius’s ultra-sleazy, ultra-violent exploitation movie must be among the most extreme of its kind ever to emerge from Sweden. Christina Lindberg suffers with an almost serene passivity as Frigga, the innocent young farm-girl who was brutally raped as a child and has never spoken since. Frigga’s sufferings continue when, as a young woman, she is abducted by a suave con-man who spikes her drink, imprisons her, and soon has her addicted to heroin so that she depends on him entirely. Then she is put to work as a hooker. When she rebels, he punishes her by gouging out one of her eyes with a scalpel. There are also hardcore sexual scenes, but these are clearly edited in and probably do not actually feature the genitalia of Ms Lindberg. In the second half of the film, Frigga finally does escape and, armed with a shot-gun, takes out a violent revenge upon her persecutors.

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