Production: Japan, 1966
Director: Adachi Masao
Category: Sex
The first “pink” movie directed by Wakamatsu collaborator Adachi concerns Marukido Sadao, a demented gynaecologist who wants to cure the sexual problems of mankind by radically separating sex and reproduction. By creating human life only in artificial wombs, Sadao hopes to liberate the population into an orgy of worry-free fornication. Includes actual birth footage from an old Japanese sex education film. The character of Marukido Sadao returned in the director’s next film, Hinin Kakumei (“Birth Control Revolution”, 1966), in which the sadistic doctor discovers that women cannot conceive as long as they are contorting in violent pain. Both these films were designed to mock the “contraception” debate which was then topical in Japanese society. Adachi’s screen-writing credits at this point included Wakamatsu Koji’s Taiji Ga Mitsuryo Surutoki (“Hunting Hour Of The Foetus”, 1966) and Okasareta Hakui (“Violated Nurses”, 1966).

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