(“Red Caperucita”)
Production: Mexico, 1960
Director: Roberto Rodriguez
Category: Fairy-Tale/Freaks
This attempted kids’ movie is a surrealistic atrocity, suffused with an innate Mexican grotesquerie which makes it unsuitable for its target audience but affords some sick fascination for jaded adults. Promotional picture cards showed Little Red dressed like a barbecued hog and about to be carved up and devoured by a demented skunk and leering wolf, just one of the nightmarish images to be found in the film. Rodriguez followed up with the equally disturbing Caperucita Y Sus Tres Amigos (“Caperucita And Her Three Friends”, 1961), and then topped it all off with the incredible Caperucita Y Pulgarcito Contra Los Monstruos (“Caperucita And Pulgarcito Versus The Monsters”, 1962), a contorted fusion of grotesque fairy-tale and freak horror. At the dark heart of all three films the contorted figure of the dwarf Santanón can be found, hunched beneath a foetid skunk pelt. All three films were released in the USA by K. Gordon Murray, a specialist in Mexican imports, during the early 1960s. The best of Grimms’ fairytales rank amongst the most grotesque, nightmarish and twisted in all literature; therefore, it follows that only films of the extreme imagination can fully do them justice. Others which have achieved this include Friz Freleng’s beserk animation Little Red Riding Rabbit (1944) and Titus Moody’s bizarre underground porno Little Red Riding Hood (1970), which depicts a wolf-masked intruder seducing both Red and her grandmother with drugs and an electric dildo. An earlier hardcore version of the story was the two-part stag movie A Wolf’s Story aka Wolfman aka Big Bad Wolf And Two Little Red Hoods That Rode (1963-66).

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