(“City In Flames”)
Production: Germany, 1984
Director: Jochen Müller, Jochen Lempert & Jürgen Reble
Category: Experimental
A 5 minute-film by the German Schmelzdahin group, who were dedicated to the exploration of the effect on found sequences of Super-8 film by exposure to bacteria, chemical treatment, burying the film in the earth for long periods, and other interventions. In Stadt In Flammen, the old images melt away, producing an infernal impression of dissolution, the “action” reduced to fragments and lesions of volcanic colour. When the group disbanded in 1989, leading member Jürgen Reble continued with manipulated films such as Das Goldene Tor (“The Golden Gate”, 1992), and went on to develop his own brand of interactive cinema, which involved applying chemicals, glycerine and other materials onto a film strip during actual projection, enabled by a special projector with an enlarged gate.

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