Production: UK, 1964
Director: Freddie Francis
Category: Horror
Third in the Hammer Frankenstein franchise. Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing once again) is on the run from yet another band of outraged villagers when he comes across one of his earlier creations, a semi-human monster (played by Kiwi Kingston) that has been preserved in a glacier. Recruiting a mesmerist to help reactivate its damaged brain (the rest of the creature responding to a charge of electricity), the Baron soon finds himself competing for control of the thing, which is sent by the hypnotist on some errands of theft and murder. Even when Frankenstein retrieves his creation, he is unable to stop it getting drunk on brandy and then consuming an agonising dose of chloroform; both the Baron and the creature seemingly perish in a fire. Kingston’s make-up here approximates Boris Karloff’s for the first time, and the plot seems to be a deliberate throwback to the Universal cycle – but nothing in the film is particularly memorable.

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