INABA NO SHIROSAGI (“The White Rabbit Of Inaba”) Production: Japan, 1970 Director: Kato Yoshihiro Category: Documentary/Experimental Kato was co-founder with Shinichi Iwata of Zero Dimension (Zero Jigen), the notorious street performance sect who scandalized 60s Tokyo with nude street interventions and garish “art terror ceremonies”. Inaba No Shirosagi documents the history Continue Reading


ALLIGATOR Production: USA, 1980 Director: Lewis Teague Category: Horror Chicago citizens are eaten alive by a giant (36-foot) alligator that emerges from the sewers, pumped up on growth hormones; one of the best giant predator films. The primal terror of being eaten alive by these relentless killing machines resurfaced in Continue Reading


AIMEZ-VOUS LES FEMMES? (“Do You Like Women?”) Production: France, 1964 Director: Jean Léon Category: Cannibalism LA TRISTESSE DES ANTHROPOPHAGES (“The Sorrow Of The Cannibals”) Production: France, 1966 Director: Jean-Denis Bonan Category: Coprophilia A scatological absurdity that depicts a gourmet restaurant where the chefs serve up platters of steaming excrement squeezed hot from Continue Reading


ZEFIRO TORNA Production: USA, 1992 Director: Jonas Mekas Category: Documentary Dedicated “to the wind of Lithuania”, this is Mekas’ elegy for George Maciunas, his countryman and the leading Fluxus artist, a memorial in film clips from 1952 to 1978. Maciunas (1931–1978) organized the first Fluxus event in 1961 at the Continue Reading