(“The White Rabbit Of Inaba”)
Production: Japan, 1970
Director: Kato Yoshihiro
Category: Documentary/Experimental
Kato was co-founder with Shinichi Iwata of Zero Dimension (Zero Jigen), the notorious street performance sect who scandalized 60s Tokyo with nude street interventions and garish “art terror ceremonies”. Inaba No Shirosagi documents the history of Zero Dimension and their struggles during a turbulent period of Japanese social and underground art history which they shared with other radical performance groups such as Kurohata (Black Flag Group), Vitamin Art, and Kokuin. Footage of Zero Dimension also occurs throughout a number of late 60s films including Toshio Matsumoto’s Bara No Soretsu (“Funeral Procession Of Roses”, 1969), in the 1969 documentary Sex Ryoki Chitai (“Bizarre Sex Zone”), and in Donald Richie’s Cybele (1968). “Asking what a ritual is, is like asking why a woman has a cunt.” – Yoshihiro Kato.

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