(“Japanese Rape Horror: History Of Bloody Perversion”)
Production: Japan, 1967
Director: Wakamatsu Koji
Category: Sex-Violence
As with his classic Okasareta Hakui, (“Violated Nurses”), released the same year, Wakamatsu based this film on a true sex-crime, loosely reprising – with typical embellishments of sadism and political disharmony – the story of Kodaira Yoshio, a notorious Tokyo serial killer and rapist in the 1940s. Kodaira was a former serviceman who acquired the taste for rape and slaughter during the Jinan Incident of 1928, when Japanese forces clashed with the Chinese National Revolutionary Army; one of his later confessions detailed violating and bayoneting pregnant women. He returned to Japan and was jailed for an act of rage-murder in 1932, but released in 1940. He then embarked upon a deranged spree of rape and slaughter across Tokyo, with additional crimes including necrophilia. Kodaira was finally captured, and executed in 1949. Wakamatsu continued with a series of Nihon Boko Ankokushi films, including: Zoku Nihon Boko Ankokushi: Bogyakuma (“Japanese Rape Horror 2: Atrocity Demon”, 1967); Shin Nihon Boko Ankokushi: Fukushu Oni (“New Japanese Rape Horror: Devil Of Vengeance”, 1968 – based on the “30 Tsuyama Murders” case); and Nihon Boko Ankokushi: Onju (“Japanese Rape Horror: Grudge Beast”, 1970 – a jidai-geki film).

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