(“Star Of David: Hunting Beautiful Girls”)
Production: Japan, 1979
Director: Norifumi Suzuki
Category: Pornography/Sadism
In Norifumi Suzuki’s dark and twisted Dabide No Hoshi: Bishojo-Gari, the protagonist is conceived when a housebreaker rapes a woman in front of her husband. The husband later punishes his wife by continual whippings and humiliations, driving her to a bloody suicide, before he in turn is murdered by his “son”, Tatsuya, who grows up with the same violent, perverted tendencies as his true progenitor. The young man lives a double life of student by day, torturer by night, even converting the basement of his mansion into a dungeon for the abuse of women. His first action is to capture, rape and then butcher his dead “father”’s former mistress, stabbing her in a blasting spray of blood before violating her chained corpse. Tatsuya is finally reunited with his true father, and they team up to inflict further atrocities on helpless girls, including bondage, rape, whippings, and murder. Tatsuya’s status as a vessel of “pure evil” is emphasised by shots of him masturbating over images of Nazi war atrocities, culminating in a thick spray of his semen splattering a photo of hanged Jews at Auschwitz. Based on a 1971-76 manga strip by Masaki Soto (of which a 5-part animated film series was also made), the film’s theme exemplifies the strong Japanese belief in inherited traits as well as an abiding tolerance of rape. Director Suzuki was a veteran of exploitation cinema, producing many of the most accomplished works in the genre, and Dabide No Hoshi: Bishojo-Gari – his brutal valedictory gesture to the SM market – is all the more powerful for his considerable skills and creativity. The OVA series was entitled Baiorensu Gekiga: Dabide No Hoshi (“Violent Comic Strip: Star Of David”, 1989), and the episodes were: Akuryo Tanjo (“Birth Of The Demon”); Aidoru Ryojoku (“Rape Of The Pop Idol”); Inju No Toride (“Fortress Of The Sex Beast”); and Akuryo Wa Eien Ni (“Eternal Demon”). This was followed by Shin Baiorensu Gekiga: Dabide No Hoshi: Inma Densetsu (“New Violent Comic Strip: Star Of David: Incubus Legend”, 1990).

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