Production: USA, 1992
Director: Jonas Mekas
Category: Documentary
Dedicated “to the wind of Lithuania”, this is Mekas’ elegy for George Maciunas, his countryman and the leading Fluxus artist, a memorial in film clips from 1952 to 1978. Maciunas (1931–1978) organized the first Fluxus event in 1961 at the AG Gallery in New York City and the first Fluxus festivals in Europe in 1962; his vision grew into an international cross-media art “attitude”, whose affiliates included the likes of co-founder Dick Higgins, Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik, Wolf Vostell, La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Dieter Roth, Carolee Schneemann, and Yoko Ono. A whole series of short Fluxus films were produced by these and others during the 1960s; Macuinas himself made Flux Film No. 7 and Flux Film No. 20; others include Flux Film No. 9 (Yoko Ono), Zen For Film (Nam June Paik), Flux Film No. 2 (Dick Higgins), Disappearing Music For Face (Chieko Shiomi), Camera (Peter Moore), Flux Film No. 5 (John Cavanaugh), 9 Minutes (James Riddle), Flux Film No. 10 (George Brecht), Trace No. 22 (Robert Watts), Shout (Jeff Perkins), 5 O’Clock In The Morning (Pieter Vanderbiek), Smoking (Joe Jones), Opus 74, Version 2 (Eric Andersen), Sun in Your Head/Television Decollage (Wolf Vostell), Flux Film No. 24 (Albert Fine), The Evil Faerie (George Landow), and Police Car (John Cale, 1966).

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