(“Pat, A Peculiar Woman”)
Production: Italy, 1982
Director: Alberto Cavallone
Category: Hardcore Pornography/Freaks
One of two horror-tainted hardcore porn movies shot back-to-back by Cavallone after his extreme experimental films of the 70s – inspired by Sade, Lautréamont and Bataille – saw him a virtual outcast from the Italian film industry. Pat, Una Donna Particolare is about a perverted trio of thugs (a dwarf, a she-male and a man) who lure young, unsuspecting would-be actresses to their villa to shoot snuff movies.The eponymous character of Pat is the transsexual who, in the film’s longest sex scene, copulates with a male partner on a wooden table. The dwarf, played by weird porn regular Petit Loup, likes to dress up in kids’ party hats and hop around.

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