(“Liane The Jungle Girl”)
Production: Germany, 1956
Director: Eduard von Borsody
US release title: Liane, Jungle Goddess
Category: Jungle Exploitation
Among the first post-war films from Germany to feature white female nudity, this was basically a female version of Tarzan with a topless teenage actress (Marion Michael) prancing in the jungle with other topless (native) women. An adults-only hit which quickly spawned an inferior sequel, Liane: Die Weisse Sklavin (“Liane: The White Slave”, 1957); the two films were later edited together as Liane, Die Tochter Des Dschungels (“Liane, Daughter Of The Jungle”, 1961). Liane paved the way for a host of other, increasingly daring “teen sex symbol” films in Germany, such as the “white slavery” movies Schwarze Nylons – Heisse Nächte (“Black Nylons, Hot Nights”, 1958) and Das Nachtlokal Zum Silbermond (“The Silver Moon Nightspot”, 1959).

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